Bridge Setup

Bridge software is designed to wirelessly display a court reporter’s realtime text feed on an attorney’s computer or tablet device. This can be executed in the deposition room or sent out via Internet. Functionality enables attorneys to follow along with the testimony of a witness during a deposition or trial. Testimony can be designated and annotated for later use.


Case View Net

Live testimony immediately appears on your computer screen as the court reporter writes realtime into your CaseViewNet Client software. Any court reporter’s software that sends realtime to viewers such asCaseView® II, LiveNote®, Summation® and others, can send realtime to the free CaseViewNet Client using traditional realtime serial cables, splitters and adapters.

E-Transcript Viewer

RealLegal provides transcript management tools to court reporting firms, freelance reporters, official reporters, courts and law firms. Developed with input from both court reporting and legal professionals, these distinctive products fit into the unique workflow of the litigation process. The result is greater efficiency, lower costs, and more opportunity for real growth.

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