Our deposition conferencing solutions make it easy to conduct depositions anytime, from anywhere.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that it’s difficult to conduct depositions in person. Fortunately, we have the technology and the expertise to make setting up and conducting remote depositions effortless.

UPDATE: On 3/31/20, the Indiana Supreme Court issued order no. 20S-MS-236 allowing court reporters, notaries and other qualified individuals to administer oaths for depositions and other legal testimony via audio-video communications equipment rather than in person.

This order, in combination with our remote deposition services, can help keep the legal process moving for your cases and help ensure successful depositions during this challenging time.

We offer a wide array of capabilities to facilitate your remote depositions, including:

  • Dedicated video conferencing and teleconferencing equipment within our offices.

  • Versatile communications platforms such as Zoom.

  • Cloud-based “Zoom Room” capabilities at our Evansville and South Bend office locations.

  • Remote interpreting and transcription services via LUNA Language Services.

  • Ability to share documents, exhibits, transcripts, and more.

Our experienced staff will handle everything for you to make conducting your remote depositions effortless, including:

  • Setup of the appropriate tools and technology.

  • Training for your attorneys or staff members.

  • Sending meeting invitations to all participating parties.

  • Expert hosting of every deposition to ensure that everything runs smoothly and any
    issues can be addressed immediately and resolved quickly.

Tech requirements and setup:

In order to take advantage of our remote deposition capabilities, you’ll need basic office equipment such as a computer, laptop or mobile device with Internet access, a camera and microphone. We can walk you through the available options based on your specific office equipment and capabilities.

Clients may also schedule a court reporter and videographer when setting up any of our remote deposition or other communications services. Contact us and our professional staff will accommodate all your requests.

Regardless of location, our experienced team will ensure that you enjoy the benefits of our seamless service each and every time. Call us to schedule your next remote deposition, video conference, or meeting: 317.237.3773.

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