Why video-text synchronization is important for you deposition

As we’ve mentioned before, you don’t want to conduct a deposition without a solid court reporter that can provide an accurate transcript. Nor do you want to enter court without an experienced videographer who has the right equipment and can deliver a multimedia record of the day’s events. The text of the transcript and the video of the deposition are two essential tools for your case. But you don’t want to waste time going back and forth between reading a transcript and watching a video during the trial. How do you save yourself the extra effort?

There’s a simple answer. Video-to-text synchronization allows anyone to see a verbatim copy of the transcript and witness testimony simultaneously on the same screen. It empowers attorneys with all the wonderful benefits that come from a video deposition, while also enhancing the viewing experience with the court reporter’s transcript.

How does video-text synchronization help a jury?

Synchronizing the video and text of a deposition not only provides you with a useful tool but also equips the jury with accessible and reliable evidence. Video-text synchronization provides the jury visual, audio and textual evidence. With video-text synchronization, the jury can evaluate a witnesses’ body language while also reading the text of their testimony word-for-word. Video-text synchronization also prevents the jury from missing out on any crucial verbal cues a witness may provide. You simply can’t replicate the value of seeing and hearing an actual witness. Match that with the text to make it easier to follow along and you’ve enabled the jury with a very powerful tool. It’s like watching a movie with subtitles.

How does video-text synchronization help attorneys?

With video-text synchronization, you don’t have to waste time in court reading aloud a transcript. You can also search your video for a specific question or subject by entering a key phrase or word. Another benefit for lawyers is the ability to include links to exhibits. An attorney will be provided with a CD, DVD or file of the video-text synchronization that’s trial-ready. With this file, an attorney can create video clips that make an impact, drive home a point or can be used for impeachment purposes.

Where Can I Get Help?

Finding a reliable court reporter and videographer can waste a lot of your time. When you hire the right deposition services company, they will find a professional court reporter, videographer and combine the written transcript with the videographer’s audio and video deposition so you don’t have to worry about it.

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