What you need to make you deposition go smoothly

A deposition can easily make or break your case. You may have thoroughly prepared, but are you equipped with everything you need to better your chances? Every attorney needs help and there’s no reason to do unnecessary work when a deposition service can help guide you on your case. Here some of the key resources that can aid you in the effort:

Video Services

Video services can come in handy for a variety of reasons. If a witness is not present (ill, death, emergency, etc.) during the trial, their videotaped testimony may be used in their absence. Video services also give you a record of witness testimony that can be referred to in trial. In some cases, witnesses may change their story at the trial. If videotaped, you have evidence on hand that this occurred.

Attorneys also use video services because it saves time. Some states allow for video of expert testimonies to be shown even if the witness is present for the trial, rather than having both video and witness testimony in the courtroom.

Recording a witness testimony can be a huge advantage when it comes to credibility. Videos give a better perspective on body language that written transcripts can’t offer like certain movements that reveal fabrications or lies.

Accessing Documents Electronically

Rather than waste hours scouring emails and rummaging through filing cabinets, an electronic document management system saves all your documents in one location. You can easily search and access any file quickly and your documents remain safe with increased security protection.

Most electronic document management services include an app so that you may access documents while you are away from your computer. Users may also categorize documents based on certain qualifications using tabs, highlighters and subcategories. This makes finding documents more efficient. With electronic document management services, you end up saving money, paper and time.

Setting a location

There are numerous locations a deposition can take place including, but not limited to a witness’ place of work, an attorney’s office or a neutral location. Finding a location that meets the needs of everyone can be difficult but there are some services that provide everything needed.

Most deposition services provide locations that offer accommodations. For example, you can secure a deposition suite that includes Wi-Fi, complimentary beverage service and video conferencing equipment. Some services provide parking. Depending on your location, deposition services will accommodate the needs of all present. The right location can guarantee your client feeling comfortable and ready to deliver the testimony. You want to make sure that the location you agree upon is both convenient and accessible.

Court Reporter

Court reporters are a requirement for depositions. All court reporters record the events verbatim, but some record using audio and video equipment. There are two types of court reporters: those that work for a court in an official capacity and those who are independent or freelance court reporters. And not every court reporter has the same set of skills. Having a certified court reporter helps ensure you’re not stuck with an unqualified court reporter whose level of skill could jeopardize your case. Every word a court reporter types must be exact or it could impact the decision. The right deposition services will help you find the right certified court reporter or provide you one of their own.

The right deposition service can handle every possible detail including scheduling a location, providing a reliable court reporter, and enhancing the deposition using videography. No matter your location, a deposition services company can take care of your needs and reduce your level of stress.

If you’re ready to ensure that your depositions will go smoothly, contact Stewart Richardson and let us know how we can help.

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