Use This Technology to Escape Your Paper Intensive Ways and Focus on Winning Your Cases

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Are you tired of pouring through files, copying them,

exhibeoloading them up, and then hauling them to your depositions? Do you wish that your case files were searchable, shareable, portable and secure? Would you love to take just one briefcase to your next deposition?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or you’re just looking for another way to make your depositions go smoother, consider using our Exhibeo services.

The All-in-One Document Sharing System

Exhibeo is an all-in-one document sharing system that combines hardware and software to quickly and securely share documents.

Exhibeo is made up of three parts: the app, the router, and the storage.

The App

The app is downloaded onto your chosen device and is how you view, annotate, share, mark, and save your exhibits with your colleagues.

When you’re the leader, you can choose what you want to share. No one will see your available files until you share them.

The Router

The app then integrates with the special Exhibeo Router, giving you an additional amount of security. With the help of the local router, you’ll never have to worry about having a slow, bad, or unsecure internet connection.

The Storage

Connected as a USB, the storage for Exhibeo is coded so that only you and/or your firm can access the exhibits. You can store your files on your private Exhibeo storage, and they are only available for you to view until you choose to share them. You’ll also be able to receive files from other Exhibeo users through this device.

Share Documents Faster

By using Exhibeo’s local router, you’ll experience document transfer speeds that can be 10 times faster than sharing over a traditional 4G connection.

Feel Confident in Document Security

With Exhibeo, you control the chain of your documents. Load your selected documents onto the Exhibeo storage device and know that your information is safely encrypted and in your hands only. Plus, you won’t have to worry about anything being held in the “cloud”.

Escape the Old Paper Intensive Ways of the Past

Using the old, paper intensive way, you would normally:

  • Find the documents on your laptop or server
  • Spend time and money printing your documents
  • Collate copies of the documents
  • Place the documents in binders where you have to prepare tabs
  • Box the documents
  • In some cases, shopship the boxes/documents to other locations
  • Pay for return shipping on getting the documents back

With Exhibeo, the process is broken down into only three steps:

  • Scan the documents
  • Copy the documents to your Exhibeo USB
  • Bring your Exhibeo compatible device (iPad, tablet, etc.)

Eliminating these extra steps can save you time and money on exhibit handling and shipping. With less time managing the paper trail, you have more time focused on winning your cases.

Learn more about Exhibeo!

Are you interested in learning more about using Exhibeo for your upcoming depositions? Call us today at 1-800-869-0873 for more information.

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