This Week in Indiana Sports: Rhoutsong Runs and Rob’s Rant

Earlier this month, Jennifer Rhoutsong of the Evansville office ran in the “Bourbon Chase“- a 200-mile relay visiting major Kentucky distilleries. Jennifer ran three legs for a total of 18 miles. Describing a particularly intense rougt through fog, drizzling rain, and backwoods country roads, she said, “I was a little terrified at times; I ran the 11:00 PM leg the fastest so that I could be done with it.” The 12 person team completed the course in an impressive 30 hours.


And now, your weekly excerpt from Rob’s Sport’s Desk:


“Last Sunday, Andrew Luck and the Colts overcame an 18 point halftime deficit en route to defeating the Green Bay Packers. However, the Colts share some credit with Aaron Rodgers. His preoccupation with the less than favorable results from his previous week’s discount double-check led to an overall lackadaisical second-half performance that included 5 sacks and only 6 points.


“This week, the Colts go on the road to face Rex Ryan’s North Jersey Jets. Unfortunately for Ryan (and fortunately for the Colts), the strength of his quarterback’s shirtless rain-running and photo shoot sexiness will NOT provide any foreseeable advantage in this match-up. Although the sporting press has warned that the Colts should be wary of the classic ‘trap’ game, my sources and I fully expect this revitalized Colts team to show up in full force this Sunday.”


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