Stewart Richardson’s Tips for Scheduling a Deposition

At Stewart Richardson, we offer the ability to schedule depositions across Indiana and, with the help of our affiliates, nationwide. We believe that scheduling your depositions should be a quick and painless process. Below, we’ve outlined a few main ways you can schedule your deposition with us, and we’re also giving you some tips for making sure the scheduling process goes smoothly.

30-Second Scheduling

Our quickest and easiest scheduling method is our 30-Second Scheduling Tool. All you need to do is give us your name, email, phone number, and your notice. We will contact you to obtain the rest of the information. To access the 30-Second Scheduling Tool, simply click on the “Quick Schedule” button on the right side of the page. You can see what the scheduling tool looks like below.

Full Scheduling Tool

If you’d like to give us your full information up-front, we also offer a scheduling tool where you fill out your name, contact information, estimated length, case information, witness information, and more. You can also request additional litigation services here, such as real time reporting, an interpreter, video conferencing, expedited delivery, and other services.

To access the full scheduling tool, click here.

Scheduling in the Repository

If you are already a Stewart Richardson client, you most likely have a username and password to access the Stewart Richardson Online Repository. In the repository, you have the ability to schedule, order transcripts, view your files, and more.

To schedule a deposition, log-in to the repository, click on “Calendar,” and then click “Request New Job” on the right-hand side of the page. You can see a demonstration of what it looks like below!

A benefit of using the Online Repository for scheduling is that you have the ability to auto-fill in information that you have used in the past, which saves you time. If you would like access to the Online Repository for your scheduling but you do not have an account username and password, we would be happy to create an account for you. Simply email

Scheduling by Phone or Email

We can schedule your deposition via phone or email. Click here for the contact information for each of our offices across the state.

Scheduling Tips

While we’re on the subject of scheduling, we thought we would give you a few quick tips that can help the process go as smoothly as possible.

When you schedule with us, the more information you can give us on your needs, the better! We’ll take as much information on your deposition as you can give. If you need an interpreter, expedited services, video conferencing, or other litigation services, we will be happy to supply them to you. Also, if you have a particularly technical case,  any terminology that can be sent ahead of time for our court reporters would be helpful.

Keep watch for a confirmation call. When you schedule a deposition, we will initially send a confirmation via email. One business day before your deposition, we will also call to confirm your deposition. If you do not get that call, you should make sure that we have you on the calendar. You can do this by either checking your schedule in the online repository or by calling our office.

Keep us in-the-know if you need to reschedule or cancel. If you are in need of rescheduling or cancelling your deposition, you can do so via the online repository or by calling our office.

Schedule your next deposition today!

Now that you know the basics of scheduling with Stewart Richardson, we look forward to scheduling your deposition soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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