Stewart Richardson Staff Spotlight: Tawnia May

 At Stewart Richardson we regularly recognize our outstanding staff for helping us provide the highest quality of deposition services. This month, we chose Tawnia May, our Production Manager, to be in the spotlight. She recently celebrated ten years at Stewart Richardson, and we are excited to highlight her experiences and work with us.

“Tawnia has been an absolute life-saver at Stewart Richardson. Her quick-thinking, detail-oriented, flexible manner would make her an invaluable asset in any organization and we are so very lucky she’s been with us the last ten years, ” said Stewart Richardson COO Rose Wallis.

During her time with us, Tawnia has held multiple positions at Stewart Richardson, and she now excels as our Production Manager.

“She has a keen eye which has caught more mistakes than I care to admit and an ability to simply roll with the punches, no matter what life throws her way.  I can honestly say each and every one of us at Stewart Richardson would be lost without her,” said Rose.

Keep reading to learn more about Tawnia, her role as Production Manager, and other interesting deposition services insights!

About Tawnia May

Tawnia graduated from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary English Education. She taught high school English for a short time, but decided it wasn’t exactly what she wanted to do. After a brief stint scoring state standardized testing, Stewart Richardson “found her”, and she’s been with us ever since!

What are some of your responsibilities as Production Manager?

I do a little bit of everything, but my main responsibilities are providing our clients with finalized deposition transcripts, ordering supplies for the offices, and aiding in/overseeing production for all of our offices.

What do you like about working as a Stewart Richardson’s Production Manager?

The position is a relatively new one for me (acquired after our former Production Manager retired almost 2 years ago), but I like that I get a chance to put my English knowledge to use pretty much on a daily basis in proofreading/checking a few pages of every transcript I produce.

What drew you to Stewart Richardson originally, and why have you stayed with this company?

I think the biggest factor that drew me to this company was that everyone was so friendly and welcoming, even during the interview process. I’ve stayed because that still holds true, and these people have become my second family.

What do you like most about working at Stewart Richardson & Associates?

I really like that we’re a relatively small company, which enables us to interact with not only each other, but our clients as well, on a more personal level.

What is one of your proudest moments while working for Stewart Richardson & Associates?

One of my proudest moments so far is that I just celebrated 10 years! Even with the challenges, I cannot imagine being as happy anywhere else.

Rose Wallis, COO, described you as patient, organized, and efficient. What three words would you use to describe Stewart Richardson & Associates?

Friendly, flexible, reliable

What is one interesting thing about court reporting you’ve learned during your time at Stewart Richardson

Being a court reporter isn’t limited to just courtrooms and depositions. Some choose to work as closed captioners and some give live text feeds to students during classes to name a couple.  They have many options!

Tell us a bit about your family!

I grew up on a crop farm in a small town in northern Indiana. I’m the youngest of three and one of only two of our immediate family who remain in the state. My parents and my sister moved to opposite sides of the country for work, but it gives us all a great excuse to take vacation to see each other.

What is one interesting fact about yourself?

I’m a theater geek. All during my grade, middle, high school, and college years, I was part of the behind-the-scenes technical crew and actually minored in it during college. I love being immersed in a story, so when I get the chance (and can drag a friend or two along), I make my way to live performances.

What are your favorite hobbies/activities?

I love to travel. My sister and I make the time every year to meet up for a trip to explore somewhere we haven’t been. No matter how long or short each trip or where we end up, we always have a great time and tons of pictures as reminders! In my downtime, I spend time having dinner/visiting wineries with friends and reading.

Our team provides the highest quality of deposition services.

At Stewart Richardson, we have a reputation in Indiana and across the globe that’s built on integrity, reliability, and respect.

When you schedule a deposition with us, you will receive high quality deposition services from individuals like Tawnia and other members of our exceptional staff. Click here to use our easy online scheduling tool!

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