Steno A to Z: Discover If Court Reporting Is Right for You!

Tina Parent Cowsert, one of our stellar court reporters, will be teaching an upcoming session of Steno A to Z. This is a free, six-week course for those who are interested in seeing if court reporting would be a good career for them! We interviewed Tina to find out all the details on the course, like who should attend, what you can learn, why she’s decided to teach the class and more!

What are the details of the Steno A to Z class you are teaching?

Steno A to Z starts on July 12, 2018 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. and will be every Thursday following for six weeks total. It will be held at the College of Court Reporting, 455 West Lincolnway, Valparaiso, IN 46385. You can find more information by clicking here.

The school has steno machines for students to use free of charge for the duration of the program!

Who is a good fit for the class?

I think anyone interested should definitely try this class. It is a great opportunity to decide if court reporting is a profession you should choose to pursue. Some have said being able to play a musical instrument or the ability to type fast on a regular keyboard may make understanding and using the steno machine a bit easier. 

The class allows someone to use and learn the basics of a steno machine for six weeks, and then find out what steno-knowledge has been retained. This free course introduces the steno alphabet and should leave participants with a good idea of whether or not to pursue a career in court reporting.

What are some of the topics that will be covered in Steno A to Z? 

Topics of the course include setup and take down of the steno machine, discussion of what reporters do while on assignment, other aspects of the job, and a look at the technology that goes along with being a reporter.

Participants learn the alphabet in steno, correct posture with the steno machine, and proper finger placement. I give dictation, and I have the class read back for practice with steno words.

What are the benefits of taking this class?

The biggest benefit is that it is free! It’s an awesome opportunity to try out court reporting.

I had a participant who was still in high school during my last session and as soon as she graduated she enrolled at CCR.

What are some of the benefits of becoming a court reporter?

There are many job opportunities for a court reporter, so having options is a plus. Plus, with the current nationwide shortage of court reporters, you are nearly guaranteed a job once you complete your certification. You can work in a courtroom as an official reporter and receive government benefits; work from home after attending depositions as a self-employed freelance reporter; do closed-captioning for TV, from the comfort of your home; or provide CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) reporting for hearing impaired students in a school environment.

Court reporters are constantly meeting and working with new people, so each workday will be different as far as what you hear and who you work with. I also learn a lot through hearing different cases every day. The pay scale varies greatly, but the potential to have a lucrative income is definitely there.

Why have you decided to teach Steno A-Z? 

I enjoy giving back as a person, but teaching is something I have always loved. I know there is a need for more court reporters, and teaching is a way that I can give back to the profession.

I really enjoy being a court reporter, and this is what I share with the participants.  It is important to enjoy your career since we spend a big chunk of our lifetime working.

Discover if court reporting is the right career for you!

Learn more about how to sign up for this course by viewing the flyer, or go to





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