Receive the Most Effective Deposition with Realtime Court Reporting

Are you sure you got the answer you were looking for?  Would you like to double-check a deponent’s answer before you conclude the deposition? If you answered yes to either of these questions, realtime court reporting may be just the solution you need.


Realtime court reporting is the immediate translation of a reporter’s writing on a stenotype, commonly known as a shorthand machine, into English. As the court reporter types, the translation appears directly onto your computer screen, tablet, or phone.

Through realtime court reporting, you also have the ability to stream realtime transcripts to anywhere in the world.


Quickly Search Information and Keywords within Testimonies

When using realtime technology, you can search through your  testimony for keywords.

Designate and Annotate During the Testimony

Realtime software allows you to follow along with the testimony during a deposition or trial and flag parts of the testimony for later use. By doing this, you’ll be able to quickly access key points in the deposition when you need it.

Share Case Information Instantly with Key Participants

Would you like your co-counsel or experts to have access to transcripts at the same time as you? Realtime reporting allows just that, letting you stream and share case information with your management team. Depending on the circumstances, this could also save you and your team money by letting remote attendees participate from wherever they are, instead of paying for the cost of travel.

Link Transcript to Evidence and Presentations

With realtime court reporting technology, you can link your evidence and presentation files directly to the transcript. This allows a reader to quickly review the evidence that is related to the specific items that were mentioned. Less time spent searching through the archives means more time for you and your team to work on the case. Linking evidence occurs once the transcript has been completed.


Does realtime court reporting interest you for a current or upcoming case?

We would be happy to answer any questions and provide all of your realtime court reporting needs.

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