Going to “Mock Trial” for Notre Dame Deposition Class

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What does the witness know? How can we learn the facts? What does it mean for the case? These questions are at the heart of every trial. And the process of obtaining the answers is what taking a deposition is all about. It’s a key aspect of our legal system, and it’s also a class incorporating a “mock trial” we participate in at the University of Notre Dame!

The Deposition Skills class is offered to graduate law students at the University and provides a real, live scenario of how a deposition is conducted in the litigation process.  Stewart Richardson provides court reporters to sit in on the mock trial and deposition and provide a transcript to the Notre Dame law students for their review. We cover eight classes over a four-week period in both the fall and spring semesters.

Sharing Insight with Students

Reporters from Stewart Richardson who have participated in the class include Tammy Vandervort, Melody Goodrich, Lisana Efsits, Susan Snyder and Tina Parent-Cowsert. As Tammy says, the class is “beneficial for the students to be able to see how they question their deponent ‘on paper’ as opposed to just viewing a video. Through our involvement, we’ve been able to coach and provide invaluable feedback that the students wouldn’t have otherwise.” The Stewart Richardson team, in turn, values the relationships they’ve formed with the students as well as the adjunct professors,  most of whom are working attorneys, during the class.

Lessons Learned

Taking a successful deposition requires preparation and know-how. Check out our Top 10 Deposition Tips to get the most out of your next deposition.


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