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inData’s trial consultants bring years of experience in the courtroom to your litigation team. With our assistance, your team can focus on case theory, strategy, and the law, rather than how, where, and when the exhibits will be displayed in court. There are many additional advantages to having inData trial consultants with you in the courtroom.

inData’s on-site trial team can “free-up” your litigation staff, while the consultants work with the trial attorneys to prepare a witness, create demonstrative graphics, and provide document imaging and management services. Additionally, our trial consultants will maintain presentation and war room system integrity throughout the trial. Call us to explore your options 317.237.3773

We provide strategic consulting services from discovery through trial.

Our consultants can help you with every step of the intensive preparation leading up to trial.

We offer a full ranger of consulting services

From discovery to verdict, we are here to help you with each step of the litigation process. Below are descriptions of the services we offer. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the highest level of service in the industry.

Trial preparation can be extensive and overwhelming

On the final weeks and days leading up to trial, the preparation can be extensive and overwhelming. Our consultants can assist with pre-trial preparation, working side-by-side with your trial team.

Trial presentation technology can be a huge advantage

Using trial presentation technology, especially in today’s multimedia culture, can be a huge advantage in trial. Trial presentation software can greatly enhance the ability of the judge and jury to visualize your story. It also provides an effective method for comparing one or more items, such as documents or photographs. Using this advanced technology, you can also retrieve and display impeaching testimony or documents at a moment’s notice.

A good picture is worth a thousand words

Do you need to re-enact the scene of an accident? Do you need to simplify complex engineering schemas? Or are you simply focusing on several contract clauses? Your trial consultant will strategize with you on how to visually augment your presentation with professional graphics. Our staff includes full-time graphic designers, who specialize in demonstrative graphics for trial. Our design professionals create aesthetically pleasing demonstratives that enhance the purpose and subject matter of each exhibit.

Many, but not all, modern courtrooms are configured for electronic presentations

You may need to provide the hardware components of the presentation: monitors, projectors, speakers, wiring, and networking, to name a few. We offer equipment rental for trials, if you do not have the necessary hardware available. Our standard courtroom set-up includes the use of a projector as the main display for the jury, 17” LCD monitors for the rest of the courtroom, and a plasma screen for the gallery. Your trial consultant can provide a quote for hardware rental pricing, once he or she has had the opportunity to inspect the courtroom where the trial will be held.

A War Room is critical to you success

A War Room is critical to your success, especially when using trial presentation technology. An ideal war room is a technological duplicate of the courtroom, where the trial team can comfortably rehearse, gather exhibits, and prepare witnesses 24 hours a day. Our trial consultants will help you create the ideal war room for your trial team.

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