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Rob Lime of the Indianapolis office puts together a weekly analysis of the NFL. Enjoy the following excerpt:


On April 25th, 2009, Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum, and the North Jersey Jets mortgaged their future by trading up to the #5 overall draft pick to select Mark Sanchez. Much to the chagrin of Jets fans, Sanchez has since spent more time posing for GQ magazine than he has in the red zone.


However, on can sympathize with Sanchez for supplementing his NFL income; fro the first time in his adulthood he is responsible for his own automobile, housing, and entertainment expenses as he was forcefully weaned off the teat of the USC boosters.


This questionable draft maneuver, along with the acquisition of Tim Tebow, is proof positive tha the Jets are stubbornly adhering to their long-standing personnel strategy of excluding pro-bowl caliber players from their roster. Passing on players such as B.J. Raji, Brian Orakpo, Brian Cushing, Percy Harvin, and Clay Matthews in order to draft Sanchez is further evidence of the execution of such a strategy.


Since the Jet’s ownership has always been cozy with mediocrity, and have once again found their comfort zone, it will be interesting to see how the franchise is run moving forward.


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