Do you have what it takes to be a court reporter? Find out!

stenographyIf you are seeking a new career path, consider joining one that is going to have 5,500 unfilled job openings in 2018 – court reporting.

Court reporting gives you a ringside seat to all the action, such as high-profile criminal trials, the House of Representatives and the Senate, major sporting events, breaking-news stories for TV, and more. Picture yourself getting paid to caption the games of your favorite baseball team. Find yourself in the center of the action during a high-profile trial. It’s what court reporters do.

Court reporters are called by a variety of names – stenographers, captioners, speed-texters, realtime communication specialists, and instant voice-to-text (IVT) technicians. Whatever the name is, court reporters are important and are defined by their ability to use technology in amazing ways.

Who is a good fit for court reporting?

Court reporting is a fun, challenging, and rewarding job. Learning stenography can be like learning a foreign language. It’s easier to pick up machine shorthand at a younger age than at an older one. However, no matter your age you can still try!

Good indicators of success as a court reporter also include:

  • Some background in music
  • Commitment to a program
  • A degree of perseverance
  • Willingness to learn
  • Some success in school
  • Decent ability to speak and understand the English language
Try a free introduction to court reporting!

At Stewart Richardson, we’re offering a free 8-week introductory program to those interested in learning how to use the machines court reporters use known as stenographs.

This program is called A to Z Intro to Machine Shorthand and is an introduction into stenographic theory. We are currently in the middle of one of these programs but will be hosting another soon.

If you are interested in registering for our next offering of these free classes, email Tom Richardson at to secure your spot in this class. Space will be limited to only seven students. If this career path seems right for you, make sure to follow up soon!

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