5 Benefits of Becoming a Court Reporter

courtreportbenefitsCourt reporters are called by a variety of names – stenographers, captioners, speed-texters, realtime communication specialists, and instant voice-to-text (IVT) technicians.

Being a court reporter is a fun, challenging, and rewarding job. If you are looking for a new career or know someone that is, learn more about the benefits of becoming a court reporter!

1. Find job security

By 2018, there will be 5,500 empty court reporting positions that will need to be filled. Also, the court reporting industry is projected for significant growth over the years to come. Become part of the next generation of court reporters, and find the type of job security that many are looking for. You will be wanted if you are a good fit for this career!

2. Earn your degree quickly

Earning a degree in court reporting can take as little as two years. Plus, there are a variety of ways you can earn your degree that range from online classes to traditional college settings to both and more!

3. Make consistent money

In 2017, the median court reporter’s salary is $55,072 with a range usually between $39,735- $72,081. This figure doesn’t even include benefits!

4. Control your work schedule

As a freelance court reporter, you’ll have control over when you work and where you work. You’ll also have coveted time to work from home. Finding a flexible job that also provides consistent work is rare, but that’s what you’ll have when you become a court reporter.

5. Meet new people and enjoy your career

Being a court reporter is a job that will allow you to meet new people and learn new things every day. Court reporters have a seat at all the action, from high-profile criminal trials to major sporting events and more.

What Our Court Reporters Have to Say

Don’t just take it from us. Learn more about the benefits of being a court reporter from some of our very own court reporters!

“I enjoy the fact as a court reporter you are always meeting new people and are hearing something different every day. It is definitely not a boring, monotonous job!” – Lisa Robbins, Fort Wayne

“There are many things I like about working as a court reporter. I like the flexibility it offers, being able to work with professional people, and the fact that court reporting is a unique skill and so many people are intrigued by it. I also like that you can make a nice living being a court reporter and that I can work from home.” – Sherry Lenn, Evansville

“I like the daily variety of the places I travel, the people I work with, and the things that I hear and learn during my job!” – Tina Parent-Cowsert, Valparaiso

Working for Stewart Richardson

If you work for Stewart Richardson, you’ll find that the benefits of being a court reporter extend beyond the normal.

“Working here has been what I consider a gift from God. I have never felt the need to move on in my career to any other firm. The group of people who work there are great team players, always seeking to help one another when push comes to shove, and I could not even fathom working anywhere else.” – Maria Wrainwright, Indianapolis

If you’re ready to learn more about a career in court reporting and see if it might be a fit for you or someone you know, click here. You can also learn more at http://www.crtakenote.com/.

Resource: https://www.courtreporteredu.org/salaries/

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