3 Key Tips for Creating Engaging Photos

c--users-sthenke-desktop-ruleofthirds-resized-600It’s happened to everyone. You get back from a great trip, transfer photos to your computer or Facebook, and then promptly forget about them. The vacation is over, and the pictures fail to bring you back into those magical moments.

Enter Nick Freda. Stewart Richardson’s Video Production Manager has a few tips to keep your vacation memories engaging for years to come.


1. Set the Scene

The gist of good photography can be broken down into the rule of thirds. Notice the example to the right- the subject’s not smack in the middle. Look to put the subject in the corners or intersection of the lines. Diagonal lines are often more appealing than squares; so if you’re capturing a house, picture two sides instead of just one. These same principles work well with both still photography and video. Of course, it’s OK to break the rules, but they’re useful as a guide. Don’t be afraid to move your feet around your subject to find an interesting background.


2. Do the Editing

Pick your best shots and don’t keep too many duplicates. Remember, we live in a fast-paced society, so people may start to lose interest after five minutes. Group like pictures together, or order them to tell a story. Adding music can definitely bring life into a presentation, especially if you’re switching between video and pictures. Changing scenes with the tempo will take your presentations to the next level.


3. Pick Your Equipment

Most computers come with a basic video editing software, which will work well for basic presentations. If you want to make it into a serious hobby, software programs like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere are great solutions. Surprisingly, you probably have everything you need to do a good job. A good photographer or videographer can make something special even on low budget equipment.

Practice makes perfect, so have at it!

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