2013 NFL Draft Preview

NFL Draft logo for slide-resized-600For NFL fans, one weekend in late April typically marks the most important and exciting event in the entire offseason: the NFL draft. For a few sweet days and nights, we are relieved from our reality that is plagued by a lack of pigskin and so closely resembles the dystopian settings of films such as: Judge Dredd, 12 Monkeys, Escape from New York, Running Man, Bladerunner, and the Matrix. Except our offseason months in the real world are much worse than these fictional masterpieces; we have no hope of becoming mixed up in the exploits of Snake Plissken or Ben Richards.

However, 2013 is set to be a ghastly exception. We will receive no relief from the depressive fog of the offseason. On Thursday we will witness what will be remember as the most mundane draft in the history of the NFL. The first 5 selections will likely be spent on linemen, and the 1st quarterback taken may be some guy from Syracuse whose college career was so inconsequential that reporting his name to my reader (or readers – we are still interpreting the data) does not warrant my opening of a web browser and executing a Google search in order to report his actual name.

But, as always, you can count on Rob’s Sports Desk to report the upside of any bad situation. On Wednesday night, men across our great nation will tell their wives that, despite the airing of the NFL draft, they are relinquishing control of the television to said wives, for reasons such as: “you’ve had a tough week” or “I watch enough football in the fall,” etc. I suggest you salvage this terrible situation by by doing the same. Valuable marriage sensitivity points are at stake. And if such techniques fail you, hope is not completely lost. If you consult the Thursday night programming guide found here, you’ll find that Hollywood gems such as Mrs. Doubtfire, Steel Magnolias, and Marley and Me are airing Thursday night at 8pm. Just be sure to consult you mobile devices for thumbnail updates as the night wears on for draft and trade updates.


As always Rob’s Sports Desk is brought to you by Stewart Richardson Depositions with locations in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville and Valporasio.


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