10 Apps every law firms needs to make life easier

No matter your position in the paralegal world, accessibility is important. Rather than have folders upon folders and waste hours searching for a document, new apps can help reduce the effort to organize and save time. The following 10 apps make researching, compiling information, and presenting information convenient.

Agile Law
Access your documents easily with this free app. A paid subscription lets you and any other trusted individual access your deposition. With Agile Law, all your documents are neatly organized within the software. Read and annotate any document you wish no matter your location. By using Agile Law, you don’t waste paper, pay for useless fees or waste precious time. Agile Law lets you create labels, mark exhibits, and upload any folder of documents up to one gigabyte of information. Using the search tool, users can easily filter their results to find the specific document. Agile Law is also highly secured using a 256-bit SSL encryption.

iJuror lets you track and record important information for each juror. Add notes on prospective jurors using the touch accessible software and help identify which jurors and replacements are needed for the trial. Insert demographics like age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, and prior jury experience to develop a profile for jurors. You can also share the information with anyone you trust. iJuror helps any prosecutor pick the perfect jury and stores all past and present trials on the app.

Black’s Law Dictionary
Black Law’s Dictionary has been one of the most cited law books in the world and now you can own a digital copy. An easy and accessible tool for many lawyers, this app allows users to quickly research more than 45,000 terms. The app also provides an audio pronunciation for words that may be difficult to pronounce. You also can bookmark terms and refer to them later. The Black Law’s Dictionary app provides more than 1,000 law related abbreviations and acronyms. It also provides different spellings and expressions for more than 5,000 different law terms. Black’s Law Dictionary is the new technology enhanced way for legal research.

Citing and researching court rules has never been easier. With Rulebook, you can reference court rules with a swipe of a finger. RuleBook also gives you the ability to search for key terms or rules by using the search tool. Highlight and annotate any part of the rulebook to quickly refer to it at any point. You also can open multiple windows of rules for easy multitasking. In case you want a hard copy of the rules, RuleBook allows you to print pages. It will also print your highlighted marks. RuleBook also allows users to send any document to themselves or others via email.

Westlaw provides a new way to explore legal research. Included in your subscription, the Westlaw app allows users to access the app in any location. The app does not require internet access when annotating or viewing documents. All documents viewed or annotated on your computer will be synced straight to the mobile app so you don’t have to keep searching. Use the KeyCite function to make verifying legal research easier and more accessible. KeyCite also allows you access over one million unpublished decisions.

DepoView allows users to view and edit video transcripts easily and create clips to enhance your depositions. It allows snapshots of any segment of a video clip. DepoView also makes it easy to export clips to other devices. You can easily navigate through depositions using the search tool using certain keywords. The app also has the ability for any user to create single or multi-segment clips. You can import any file to DepoView using Dropbox, ITunes, or OneDrive. DepoView easily organizes your depositions by creating case folders and adding video clips as well as transcripts.

Lexcity provides a paperless technology-based application that stores deposition documents or other documents. Not only are you able to use Lexcity on your mobile device, but you can also access your account from your computer. With Lexcity, you can allow access of your documents to whomever. Any user you choose can annotate and create notes on the document electronically. Lexcity also provides a chat tool in case users are not in the same location. App owners can easily send the documents via email straight from the application.

With ExhibitView, attorney can easily organize, annotate and present exhibits using the app on their iPad or phone. The iPad app also integrates with the PC brand to make exhibit viewing easier. Simply edit exhibits on your computer and send them to the app to provide a mobile version. ExhibitView is easy-to-use and visually enhances documents, photographs and videos. Edit exhibits with helpful highlighter and freehand pen tool. Exhibit also provides more printing options to benefit the user and make viewing exhibits easier.

TrialPad is an easy and accessible application that makes presenting evidence a piece of cake. With TriaPad, users can annotate, organize and, most importantly, present evidence straight from your iPad. You can use TrialPad to annotate while simultaneously presenting in real time. TrialPad also gives the option of side-by-side viewing, which allows you to compare two different documents on the same screen. TrialPad users can present evidence from their iPad wirelessly to any projector or screen. Store separate documents in separate case files. Use the search tool so you don’t have to keep looking for any document. TrialPad also lets users share their case with other TrialPad users.

CaseViewNet allows users to send texts to judges, attorneys and others users in real-time. This app uses wireless capability to allow access to any user with permission. Transcripts can be edited and written, which will be regularly updated for users to read immediately. With fingertip technology, users can easily scroll through any transcript, mark words or email the final draft. This app was written specifically for an iPad, therefore it is legible and easy to use for real-time transcripts. CaseViewNet is a free app.

That should get you started on making life easier. For all your other needs — whether its advanced court reporting, professional legal video services, legal focus group facilities or video conferencing — contact Stewart Richardson and let us know how we can help.

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